Four Bean Quinoa Salad


  • 1/2 cup quinoa
  • 1/2 cup edamame, thawed
  • 1/2 cup kidney beans
  • 1/2 cup garbanzo beans
  • 1/2 cup green beans, trimmed, blanched and cut into one inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup Feta cheese crumbles


  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/8 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh minced garlic
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons shallots, minced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, minced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, minced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh basil, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey (if a little sweetness is desired)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare quinoa according to package directions.  Reserve.
  2. Prepare a mixing bowl with ice and water for an ice bath.
  3. Fill a medium sauce pot with about 4 cups of water.  Add 2 teaspoons salt to water.  Bring water to boil.
  4. While waiting for water to boil, prepare the dressing by placing all vinaigrette ingredients into a small mixing bowl.  Blend well with a whisk and then taste for salt and pepper.  Adjust seasoning as desired.  Reserve.
  5. When water has reached a boil, add green beans and cook until green beans turn into a vibrant green color, 3 to 4 minutes.  Immediately remove from boiling water and drop into the ice bath to stop the cooking process.  Allow to sit in ice bath just until cool.  Remove and pat dry.  Cut beans into one inch pieces.
  6. in a mixing bowl, place the cooked quinoa, edamame, green beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans and feta cheese crumbles.  Whisk the vinaigrette one last time and then add to the mixture.  Toss gently together until well blended.  Taste for seasoning and adjust with salt and pepper if necessary.

Source:  Chef Tina Jean


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